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Employee Spotlight: Vanessa Seki, Senior Associate

At AG Consulting Partners, we are honored to work with a diverse group of people with a variety of talents and interests. We sat down with Expert Workforce Senior Associate, Vanessa Seki, to learn more about her work and passions outside of the office.

Can you tell me a little about your background, where you grew up, and where you started your career?

I was born in the Philippines, but mainly grew up in Hawaii and Las Vegas. I started working very young at an e-commerce website that sells shoes and soft goods. By the time that I left that job, I had become a product manager for taxonomy and classification, working with offshore teams on product presentation and product life cycle. So, e-commerce is really my jam!

Can you tell me about your current project?

I work for a Commercial Digital Stores team. We focus on small-to-medium size enterprise customers to ensure they have positive experiences when purchasing laptops, software, and accessories. My job is to support my client, the Program Lead for Commercial Operations, on liaising between all stakeholders and cross-functional teams.

What’s some work-related wisdom that’s important for others to know?

  1. I am successful in my career today because I had great mentors who identified my potential and helped guide me on my career path. It’s important to me to pay it forward, so I always think about how I can help the people around me on their career path.
  2. There will always be more work than there is time in the day, so it’s important to take breath and focus on quality over speed.
  3. Communication is key. When things are stressful, I reach out to my client to say “Hey! This is what’s going on! The good, bad, and ugly. What do you want me to prioritize?”

What are some interesting things about you that your colleagues should know?

I love to play the piano and the cello. I also like to sing karaoke, but I’m really out of practice. Another interesting thing about me is that I am completely ESL. My parents moved to Hawaii from the Philippines when I was three. It was very important for them that I remain close to their culture and speak Tagalog, so they refused to speak English at home, despite both of them being very fluent.

What do you do to relax and find your equilibrium?

I really like to stick to a schedule. Every morning I get up early to meditate and go to the gym to get my blood flowing. After work, I make dinner, spend some time with my kids, and then give myself a bit of TV time—I LOVE watching TV. I used to feel guilty about watching so much TV, but that’s how I unwind! Right now, I’m watching 90 Day Fiancé, The Masked Singer, and Titan Games—I highly recommend!

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