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Stewardship in Our Community – How AG Consulting Partners Makes a Difference

AG Consulting Partners was founded on three core values: Transparency, Stewardship and Intention. In this article, we will dive into how AGCP prioritizes stewardship in our daily work and our community.  

A strong focus on stewardship is a key driver to our firm’s successful growth. Our honest and fair work leaves a lasting impact on our clients, our company, and our community. Mentorship and senior leadership engagement ensure our consultants live this value every day to represent our firm in the Puget Sound community.  

Through our philanthropic endeavors, we work with our local communities to help solve problems facing our neighbors. At AG Consulting Partners, we partner with select foundations through corporate giving and encourage our team to seek ways to support additional causes close to their hearts.  


Corporate Giving  

With a passion for our local NFL team and inspired by causes related to children’s health and Western Washington’s homelessness and hunger crises, AG Consulting Partners proudly supports the following charities: 

The Cliff Avril Family Foundation. The Foundation focuses on increased awareness of Type 2 diabetes in youth and encourages healthy living through nutrition and exercise. The organization provides education and opportunities locally, and partners with community-based organizations in Jacksonville, Charlotte, and Haiti. 

Ben’s Fund and Food Lifeline. Through our sponsorship of the Taste of the Seahawks event, AGCP supports two organizations: Ben’s Fund and Food Lifeline. 

Ben’s Fund provides support to children and young adults with autism through financial assistance and guidance. AG Consulting Partners recognizes firsthand the challenges autism presents to the child and the family. For this reason, we are particularly passionate about supporting a cause providing aid to local autistic children. 

Food Lifeline provides food to more than 300 food banks, shelters, and meal programs across Western Washington. We were shocked to learn that 1 in 8 people face hunger in Western Washington. In this prosperous region, we feel called to support a cause that helps to protect people from going hungry 

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. The Mission fights King County’s homelessness epidemic by breaking the cycle of poverty and addiction. Union Gospel Mission provides addiction recovery, one-on-one counseling, and long-term solutions to preventable problems. In partnership with Kam Chancellor, AGCP sponsors a fundraising event in September to raise the funds necessary to carry out this important task.  


Employee-driven Philanthropy 

At AG Consulting Partners, we encourage our employees to surface their favorite charitable causes and allow us to partner with them to increase the collective impact. In partnership with the employee, together we decide how best to support their cause: monetary contributions, alms, services or goods, or awareness and advocacy. Three examples of employee-AGCP partnerships in philanthropy include: 

Mountains to Sound Greenway. An avid hiker, AGCP employee Rashell Iakhimovich saw an opportunity to improve our local community by partnering with Mountains to Sound Greenway. She coordinated a company-wide field trip to the trail for AGCP employees to provide environmental restoration services on Mercer Island. After the work completed, Mountains to Sound Greenway volunteers took our employees on a tour of the extended area to educate them on the local ecosystem and the impact of their contribution. 

YouthCare Gift Drive. Each holiday season, our AG Consulting Partners team works with “YouthCare” to conduct a gift drive. YouthCare provides a list of items for underprivileged youth in our community to support their success at home and school. Last year, our team brought together a variety of items, such as clothing, hygiene supplies, school supplies and healthcare products. Now an annual tradition, we look forward to coming together and giving back to our community every December.  

Days for Girls. Passionate about women’s health, AGCP employee Hannah Starcevich led a partnership with the foundation “Days for Girls,to support efforts to provide menstrual kits and women’s reproductive education in developing nations. Hannah raised over $3,000 in charitable contributions to purchase kits for 220 women and traveled to Guatemala to deliver the kits in surrounding villages.  


We love to support causes that are important to our consultants. If you would like to read more about our employee-driven causes, check out our Insights page for a closer look at what we have accomplished in the last year. 


At AG Consulting Partners, we believe in taking care of our people first to enable them to bring their best to every client project. Our employees embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and embody our core values: transparency, stewardship, and intention. Founded in 2009, and headquartered in the Greater Seattle area, AG Consulting Partners is recognized as one of Inc 5000 and Puget Sound Business Journal’s fastest-growing private companies.