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Notes of Gratitude from our AGCP Consultants

AG Consulting Partners continues to prioritize efforts to maintain company culture, connection, and motivation while working remotely. We credit our success to the strong relationships our consultants built before and during the pandemic while they looked for ways to grow and contribute to its success. To celebrate the closing of 2021, we asked our employees to reflect on why they’re grateful this year:


Our employees focused on collaboration and teamwork in 2021 to help support our firm’s success. “Good collaboration is a place of discovery,” says Ben Skoropinski, Senior Associate at AGCP. “It’s where you team up to meet known needs through the unique vision and strengths of others, enabling you to arrive at a result that was beyond any of your expectations. AGCP has been a great place to learn collaboration in this way—both to appreciate others’ contributions and to find the confidence to bring to the table my strengths.”

Project Work

In 2021, AG Consulting Partners continued to grow at a pace qualifying the firm as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Puget Sound region. “I am grateful for an endless stream of interesting projects that I get to work on with an amazing team. AGCP truly values the work we do and will go above and beyond to support us in any way that they can,” says Adam Rosenblatt, Principal at AGCP.

Company Culture

Lastly, despite the challenges COVID-19 posed to in-person work, our consultants looked for ways to build on the rich company culture. “I am truly grateful for our amazing Culture Team. This group of ladies wows me day in and day out with their creativity, commitment, and hard work to create a better work experience for our employees. They are constantly brainstorming and bringing internal process improvements, professional development opportunities, social company events, philanthropy events, and so much more to life. I am extremely honored to know and work with these amazing individuals!” says Dasha Lyubarskiy, Manager and AGCP’s Culture Lead.

We’re grateful this year for the tremendous support from our consultants over the past year, and we look forward to a year of continued support in 2022!

At AG Consulting Partners, we believe in taking care of our people first to enable them to bring their best to every client project. Our employees embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and embody our core values: transparency, stewardship, and intention. Founded in 2009, and headquartered in the Greater Seattle area, AG Consulting Partners is recognized as one of Inc 5000 and Puget Sound Business Journal’s fastest growing private companies.

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