James Collins

James Collins, Principal

We’re honored to showcase our team’s diversity, talents, and interests at AG Consulting Partners. This month, learn more about James Collins, Principal Consultant. While James has a diverse collection of work experiences, his superpower of choice will surprise you the most.  

What’s your background, where did you grow up, and what do you enjoy doing? 

I grew up in Spokane, Washington, and moved to the state’s west side to attend Seattle University. While I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue professionally, I was interested in history, which informed my decision to pursue a degree in United States history. In college, I became involved in sports editing for the student newspaper. This experience led me to work for a local newspaper, a sports trading card company, and Microsoft. Before joining AGCP in April 2020, I continued editing with companies such as Expedia and Maven, a Sports Illustrated publisher.  

Regarding hobbies, I enjoy sailing and have owned a sailboat for many years. I loved testing the different waters and finding the best places to sail in Washington. While I no longer own a boat, I now enjoy being on friends’ boats, except I’m no longer allowed to be the captain.  

My consistent passion for history remains prevalent in my choice of hobbies. Reading occupies most of my free time. I always have a stack of unread books to finish, mostly non-fiction. My current read is the New York Times bestseller Travels with George by Nathaniel Philbrick. It’s a story that weaves together history and the experience of the author, his wife, and their dog as they tour ex-colonies on the same path President George Washington took many years ago. 

Tell us about your experience at AGCP. 

My time with AGCP has been very positive. I love the people I work with and for. Enthusiastic and focused professionals surround me with varied mindsets and levels of experience. When I joined my project, I found myself in a team with many AGCP employees, which lent itself to a unique spirit of comradery. 

The AGCP management and leadership have been great – friendly, positive, and realistic. I’ve enjoyed getting a chance to talk in-depth with members of the leadership team on several occasions. I also really appreciated that during the lockdown, one of our leaders met me outside of the office to hand me my hardware when I was starting. 

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received? 

Interestingly this advice came from the publisher of a newspaper I worked for. He was an exceptionally skilled person in the industry and challenging to get along with, but his advice resonated with me: “The only thing that really mattered was to be right.”  

It isn’t an excuse to misbehave – instead, it instilled in me that people will trust you when you represent yourself factually and accurately. Although this advice could sometimes be detrimental, it helps to separate yourself from the problem, do what’s right for the business, and not take things personally or make them about yourself. It’s about adhering to accountability, intellectual honesty, and defaulting in favor of the truth. 

If you could pick one superpower, what would it be and why? 

Controlling the weather. It could be used for people’s benefit but also to profit from. I would be able to stop natural disasters and establish business arrangements to create rainfall for crops. While people usually assume that superheroes don’t need money, I will believe otherwise. I would also take another step past the assumptions and not wear elaborate costumes or have a specific hero name. Instead, I’d opt for regular clothes and an ordinary name, as that would be unique for a superhero.  

Thank you, James, for bringing your insight and unique perspectives to the team. 

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