Rene Munoz, Associate

We’re honored to showcase our team’s diversity, talents, and interests at AG Consulting Partners. This month, we’re featuring Rene Munoz, an Associate from our Expert Workforce. Please take a moment to learn about his homebrewing hobby and enjoy a throwback to one of his favorite Halloween memories. 

What’s your background, where did you grow up, and what do you enjoy doing?  

I grew up in Mexico and Arizona and earned my public relations and advertising degree from Northern Arizona University. I started my career at a digital SEO company, then went on to do business development at a credit union. After a few years, I realized I needed to find a new challenge to develop my skillset further. Luckily, a few of my friends were also looking for a change, so we moved to Seattle to start our respective new chapters together. I was dedicated to expanding the breadth of my experience, so I tried various roles. I worked in website production, training development, marketing, and project management before going to AGCP. 

My interest in trying new things also spilled into my personal life, so I’ve picked up many hobbies. When I first moved to Seattle, I learned to brew beer and cider at home. I was always interested in creating and combining flavors, so although it was a pricey activity requiring much patience, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Eventually, my skills were good enough to warrant a friend asking me to craft cider for their wedding.  It was a fun experience, and I’m glad I took on that project. 

Additionally, like many others during the pandemic, I took up gardening. Growing up, my mom enjoyed having her garden, and taking it up helped me feel closer to my family and cope with the homesickness resulting from quarantining. I’m currently growing tomatoes and a few varieties of chiles for making salsa, as well as strawberries, cantaloupes, and watermelons, to try my hand at something sweet. Surprisingly, it’s going well, and my plants are flourishing! 

Tell us about your experience at AGCP.  

I feel very fortunate to work at AGCP. My experience at the beginning was probably a bit unusual as there was a sudden change in my project soon after I started. When it happened, I got a call directly from our CEO, Alex, to give me insight into what was happening. I hadn’t met him before that call, but I felt supported. The AGCP team worked very quickly to handle my situation, and I felt cared for as someone brand new. It was a great experience because of how the company stood by me, and I’m thrilled with my current project. I’ve been challenged to develop my skills outside of marketing, learned a lot more than I’d expected, and had the privilege of working with a very knowledgeable team. 

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?  

The advice that comes to mind was told to me by a friend who now teaches as a university professor. He said, “keep an eye out for teachable moments.” It was what he explained as a motto that he lived by, and I ended up implementing it into my own life. I recognized that it wouldn’t only refer to situations where you can teach something but also where you can learn. Over time, people can feel stagnant in their routines or roles, and following this advice has helped me avoid that. I’ve learned new skills, met new people, and acquired better foundational knowledge of the businesses I work for. 

What’s one of your favorite Halloween memories?

Growing up, I remember my mom having to work a lot. One Halloween, she was able to make it home early, helped me with my vampire costume, then drove me around different neighborhoods to trick or treat. She had taken lots of photos throughout the night, and while it was annoying at the time, I’m glad she did. One photo was taken post-candy-gathering, where my mom held me while I was asleep, and the background was covered with the candy I’d collected that night. Looking back, I greatly appreciate this memory because I know it wasn’t easy for my mom. Working all day and coming home to give me that memory was sweet, and I feel grateful.  

Thank you, Rene, for the passion and positivity you bring to the team. 

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