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Tania Movchan – Junior Project Manager for a Global Software Company

What was your background before joining AGCP?   

I have over ten years of cumulative project management experience. I started my coursework at Bellevue College, intending to go into business management, but I was able to enter the field of business organically by holding various accounting-based jobs. I knew I wanted to work in business because I’m very results oriented. I enjoy seeing my efforts translate into successful execution and love collaborating with people. After spending years working as a business and office manager, I held operations and project management positions in both business and government.   

Why did you decide to go into consulting? 

After working in government for a few years, I was ready for a career change. I decided to enter the technology world because I knew that tech was the future, and I wanted to grow and expand my breadth of knowledge in that area. I had close friends who worked as consultants for global software companies, so I picked their brains about their experiences and typical day-to-day. I was intrigued by the kind of work they performed, the opportunities that client work provided, and the ability to work collaboratively amongst various peers. Some of these friends worked for AG Consulting Partners, and after hearing about their charitable initiatives, inclusive culture, and interesting people, I was sold! 

What does your typical workday look like? 

I’m a consultant for two clients within the same organization, challenging me to stay organized and on top of the ball. Because the teams are global, I usually start my mornings reading emails regarding requests for project assistance and progress updates from teams in their various time zones. Next, I’ll attend multiple 1:1s to check in with team members on the status of their individual projects and team contributions. This allows me to maintain a high-level view of both teams’ priorities and progress, and report project updates to my clients. Some other workstreams I’m involved in include running rhythmic business tasks, pulling and analyzing reports, and sending internal communications to stakeholders on behalf of my teams. I also have monthly duties that I break up and schedule into my list of daily tasks. This includes writing newsletter content, creating workback schedules, consolidating budgets, and ensuring all team members are on track for our monthly business reviews by hosting prep sessions and preparing deck content. After completing work for both clients each day, I’ll also spend time on internal projects for AGCP to help add value to our business. Even though my days are highly structured, I enjoy the flexibility of working remotely. On beautiful, sunny days, I’ll walk to my local park for lunch and join meetings from my balcony. I also save most of my writing and planning tasks for Fridays so I can co-work at a coffee shop with close friends who also work remotely.       

What advice can you share with someone interested in consulting? 

I suggest you research the consulting firm you want to work for. When considering firms, evaluate their hiring practices, acquired talent, community involvement, alignment with your values, remote/hybrid/in-office work arrangements, and the type of consulting they offer (e.g., data, marketing, project management). Also, be patient when interviewing; firms must find specific skill sets for clients while ensuring they set you up for success.   


Thank you, Tania, for your drive and dedication to our team and your clients.  

If you’re interested in joining our team of outstanding consultants, learn more about our current openings. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

At AG Consulting Partners, we believe in taking care of our people first to enable them to bring their best to every client project. Our employees embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and embody our core values: transparency, stewardship, and intention. Founded in 2009, and headquartered in the Greater Seattle area, AG Consulting Partners is recognized as one of Inc 5000 and Puget Sound Business Journal’s fastest growing private companies.

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