Cameron Ortega – Mid-Level Project Manager for a Global Software Company

What was your background before joining AGCP?   

I graduated from the University of Washington with a major in Communications. My first job was with Samsung, where I worked in marketing and sales, covering a large territory in Washington state. I enjoyed the customer-facing aspect of the job, and my passion for food led me to start a food truck business with my younger brother. We served Thai rolled ice cream, which involves mixing cream and toppings on an anti-grill, flattening it out, rolling it up, and serving it to customers. We catered for weddings, music festivals, food exhibitions, and more. This experience taught me a lot about running a business, and soon I found myself working as a marketing consultant for other small businesses like mine. Working in the food truck industry was a delight and I’m grateful for the experience, but I decided it was time to find a job with a more predictable schedule. Following my initial experience as a small business consultant, I ended up working as a digital marketing consultant for Microsoft, where I managed their social media strategy and eventually became a people manager. This role is where I was introduced to project management, which I found fascinating. When I saw an open role at AGCP, I decided to apply, and they hired me! 

Why did you decide to go into consulting? 

As mentioned earlier, my experience of owning and operating an ice cream truck played a significant role in my decision to become a consultant. I developed a passion for helping small businesses learn how to market themselves effectively. My younger brother was already a consultant, and we got an opportunity to work on a small client project together in Seattle. I realized that my passion for building interpersonal relationships and helping clients bring their vision to life made consulting a natural career choice for me. I decided this would be my next career step after the food truck had run its course. 

What does your typical workday look like? 

I begin each day in the same way – by greeting my toddler and then finding some caffeine to get me going. I then head to my backyard shed office, which I find helps me focus and be productive while working from home. As a project manager for my client, I work with a team of 11 people who are all focused on different tasks. I also manage a series of monthly and weekly business operations rhythms.  

I start my day by checking my emails and taking care of any urgent matters. Then, I take a quick break to continue my 1200-day streak of learning Spanish on the Duo-Lingo app! My client often relies on my previous experiences and assigns me projects where I create messaging and visuals, as well as PowerPoint decks, newsletters, and executive summaries. For example, I compose and publish communications for my team’s communities on partner relations, education, and new offering announcements. I’m also heavily involved in creating an AI playbook. Given the widespread prominence of AI, it’s fascinating to play a central role in this movement by contributing to a valuable knowledge source. 

If I have time, I’ll take a break to start preparing an exciting meal for dinner before wrapping up the workday. When I’m not in meetings, I enjoy listening to the Seattle Mariners games on sports radio. One of the best parts of my job is the flexibility to take short breaks to play in the backyard with my son. 

What advice can you share with someone interested in consulting? 

I would suggest keeping an open mind and not taking every day too seriously. As a consultant, you may face a lot of urgent requests and fire drills, so it’s important to humanize yourself and your role. When your client sees you as a person who is there to help, rather than just a resource, it becomes easier to maintain better boundaries and stay passionate about your work. 

Thank you, Cameron, for sharing your incredible background and day-to-day consultant experience. 

We’d love to chat if you want to join our team of outstanding consultants! We look forward to hearing from you soon! To learn more about our openings at the firm right now, click here.  

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