Josh Crossen – Junior Project Manager for a Global Software Company

What was your background before joining AGCP?   

I began my education journey at a community college in Tacoma and later transferred to Central Washington University in Ellensburg. At CWU, I earned a bachelor’s degree in IT and administration. I first entered the workforce at a non-profit sober living facility in Auburn, which was a great job because it was a cause I cared deeply about. Later, I worked as a project coordinator and project manager at for-profit organizations. After returning to school and completing my master’s in data analytics, I found AGCP’s job opening on LinkedIn. It felt like I was Batman, and the open role was the bat signal beaming in the sky – I knew this was an opportunity to put my new degree into action and make a difference. 

Why did you decide to go into consulting? 

I always knew my goal was to be a consultant. I had friends who worked for well-known consulting firms, and they enjoyed the work and value they bring to their clients. I consider myself a motivated and competitive person thanks to growing up playing various sports, and I was told these traits would be valuable in the consulting world. However, for my consulting career, I wanted to work at a boutique consulting firm that valued flexibility, furthering education, and diverse client opportunities. AGCP was hiring for a data analyst with project management skillsets, both of which are passion areas of mine. I interviewed and was offered a position, and I’ve been a consultant for over a year. 

What does your typical workday look like?

Every morning, I make myself a cup of tea (fun fact – I’ve never had coffee before) and let the dog outside. A new addition to my morning routine is checking on my new baby and ensuring he has a clean diaper and outfit, setting him up for his big day. Soon after, I hop into work by cleaning my inbox and answering any immediate questions. My client requires a lot of PowerPoint presentations in their day-to-day job, so a chunk of my typical day is helping prep these decks with updated and relevant data and making them look clean and professional. I don’t have many meetings on my calendar, but there are days I meet with my client and collaborate with my team as needed. My job’s real meat and potatoes is working with data in the back end. I create Power BI dashboards using integrated Power Apps that help manage customer evidence stories highlighting my client’s products. It takes time to curate, update, and manage the ideal Power App components that will populate data to my team’s various dashboards. I also pitch new possible automation to my client to improve efficiency. In addition, I contribute internally to AGCP as part of our Business Development team by collecting and streamlining critical internal data. On days when I have some free time, I’ll put on my amateur meteorologist hat and check weather models. I love contributing to forums and groups on my findings and reading other’s interpretations of the weather data. I’ll also occasionally treat myself to my favorite lunch, Taco Bell, with a Baja Blast. I end each workday by organizing my task list, checking off items, and adding new ones for the next day. 

What advice can you share with someone interested in consulting? 

To stand out in the consulting field, you need to have a specialty – a specific and marketable skillset. For example, I curated my skillset around data analytics, coding, and project management. Once you become a consultant, it’s easier to pivot out of your built niche. You’ll have opportunities to take on new work that expands your toolbox. However, to get your foot in the door, it helps to show that you can provide value immediately to clients. 


Thank you, Josh, for being such a joyous and driven part of our team. 

We’d love to chat if you want to join our team of outstanding consultants! We look forward to hearing from you soon! To learn more about our openings at the firm right now, click here.  

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