AG Consulting Partners is a professional services firm dedicated to helping clients achieve success by making great decisions; developing clear and executable plans; driving outstanding project management; and connecting with stakeholders using clear and compelling communications.

We are a Seattle-based company and seek strong, long-standing relationships with local business and non-profit leaders.

Our clients engage us to help them –

  • weigh research and analysis to make fact-based strategy decisions
  • execute plans and run crucial programs
  • build strong connections with customers, partners, and employees with compelling, focused communications
  • complement core teams by providing targeted technical support for product development and technical program management

What Sets Us Apart

Clients find AG consultants smart, flexible, and committed. Our partners play leadership roles in every engagement, overseeing progress and getting directly involved in research and decision-making. Our local staffing model and strong relationships mean we work with clients through multiple phases of projects with consistent team leadership, and subject-matter experts engaging appropriately as the work moves from strategy and plan development to managing the project through to completion.

AG Consulting Partners is also a great place to work – if you have strategy, project management, or communications skills let us know more about you at our Careers page.