Our Workforce and Partnerships

To ensure we continually press forward in strengthening our equity and inclusion efforts, nothing speaks louder than transparency in our numbers. Here’s where we are today:

AGCP Employees

diversity 53% female


diversity 47% male


*We want everyone on our team to feel respected and included at work. For some, that means using a non-binary gender with specific supporting pronouns. We acknowledge this information was not captured by us in the past and we recently made changes to our onboarding process to allow our team members to specify the gender and pronouns they feel most comfortable identifying with.

We look forward to sharing this updated information with you moving forward.

AGCP Employees Ethnicity

diversity bar graph
medium blue square

15% Asian

light blue square

6% Hispanic or Latino

navy blue square

54% White

Orange square

7% Black or African American

Light orange square

3% Two or More Races

dark blue square

15% Undisclosed

AGCP Suppliers

40% women owned businesses pie chart
Orange square

40% Women-Owned  Businesses

32% Small businesses pie chart
medium blue square

32% Small Business Enterprises

16% minority owned businesses
navy blue square

16% Minority-Owned Businesses

*Data collected as of May 12, 2022


Our programs and partnerships support our goal of creating and nurturing a workplace filled with unique identities and perspectives. Our initiatives include:
Employee-led DEI icon

An employee-led DEI Committee

Monthly inclusive employee education events icon

Monthly inclusive employee education events

Annual employee survey icon

Annual employee survey

Anonymous feedback channels icon

Anonymous feedback channels

Active efforts to increase the diversity of our suppliers icon

Active efforts to increase the diversity of our suppliers