Change management for a global technology company’s rapid cloud product deployment plan

The Problem

A global technology company was experiencing rapid growth in both the development and deployment of a variety of cloud products. Our client faced the challenge of building a viable deployment plan that appropriately delivered the best customer experience. Our client also created a cloud product adoption program that actively engaged with customers that were reporting low usage on purchased cloud products. The combination of rapid development and the new product adoption program led to issues with the socialization of product updates and changes. Our client had over 1,000 internal stakeholders across management and engineering business groups that required training and best practice sharing on the growing cloud product stack.

The Approach

AG Consulting Partners provided skilled project management and change management services to drive efficiency amidst constant product and process improvements. AGCP published readiness communications, internal presentations and coordinated global training workshops to effectively educate and inform internal stakeholders. We prioritized the effectiveness of our client’s communication and training plan to ensure consistency on a global scale. AGCP was challenged by competing goals across key stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of aligning Developers, Product Managers, Operations and Customer Service.

Value Provided

The partnership between AGCP and our client drove the successful deployment of cloud products on a global scale. AG Consulting Partners reached over 1,000 internal stakeholders with socialization and training for new products, product updates and customer capabilities. Internal client satisfaction surveys showed a significant increase in employee satisfaction resulting from improved preparation and training delivery of up to 50 changes per month. AGCP increased the delivery of training sessions by 150%, simultaneously improving the quality and impact of the training session. Finally, our client team experienced a 35% reduction in the time required to release a product change, including improved quality and usage of new updates.

Client Feedback

“AG Consulting Partners provided first-rate project management support to a complex and matrixed organization with an exceptional rate of change. Often working with a great deal of ambiguity and collaborating across various groups to ensure changes land on solid footing and training logistics are well organized across all regions.”