Curating volume licensing program satisfaction for a global technology company

The Problem

A Global Technology Company’s Product and Services Agreement program was difficult to navigate, unpredictable and faced constant changes. Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics to address and resolve escalations were below target, increasing partner and customer dissatisfaction. Customer and partner experience were negatively impacted by the difficulties associated with the program, causing a need for high level of support. An increased need for support resources drives manual transaction costs up and requires a higher level of management at all levels.

The Approach

AG Consulting Partners began by understanding the complex volume licensing processes in our client’s business. To truly understand the needs of our client’s customers, we dove deep into volume licensing support data to identify, analyze and resolve the biggest factors impacting user satisfaction. When we had fundamental knowledge of the big issues, AGCP orchestrated the development of a self-service support tool to solve the most pressing partner and customer satisfaction problems quickly and effectively. Following the development of the tool, AGCP drove usage by advocating for the customer and partner, identifying changing satisfaction needs and ensuring new issues were included in the self-service solutions offered. To grant credibility to the tool, we designed and implemented a communication strategy to proactively inform and involve channel partners with the program. Additionally, AGCP investigated support route taxonomy and identified opportunities to channel escalations more accurately, while also providing more information to the support requestor. Finally, we reviewed the classification of queries and trends to extrapolate valuable insights from program data to build PowerBI dashboards and inform future decision-making processes.

Value Provided

AG Consulting Partners successfully curated a significant increase in partner and customer satisfaction with our client’s Product and Services Agreement program. Establishing a strong escalation routing process led to a 40% increase in partner utilization in the program. A proactive communication strategy and self-service solution tool led to a 55% reduction in partner query volume, and an overall reduction in manual transaction cost. AGCP enabled our client to access real-time statistical insights of SLA metrics and KPI’s through the design and implementation of BI reporting dashboards to identify top issues in the program. Overall, AGCP provided our client a streamlined, self-reliant process to successfully solve their complex volume licensing problems while simultaneously reducing manual transaction costs.

Client Feedback

“AGCP understands the complexity of volume licensing and is able to independently navigate through internal routes to streamline and simplify processes for our company and our licensing channel partners.”