Effective change management for a global SaaS Enterprise Support product

The Problem

A local technology company is transitioning support models for Enterprise SaaS customers. To successfully complete the transition of the $1.1 billion business unit, our client required an effective change management plan that addressed product issues and landed support product offerings with field seller teams on a global scale. The client sought our help to drive project management across product teams, land product strategy in the field and execute change management initiatives alongside the Enterprise Support Marketing team.

The Approach

AG Consulting Partners entered the client team with a focus on project management fundamentals, aligning product owners on strategic direction and key deadlines. AGCP then acted as the liaison for Sales, Marketing, Field Enablement and Product teams to develop product deployment schedules and internal product offerings content. The team drove cross-organization collaboration to coordinate effective timing for product deployments and educated field sellers with relevant changes. Empowering our clients’ sales teams was the key to successfully transitioning the support model, as it passed the information through to customers and frontline workers. Finally, AGCP worked directly with our client PMO Director to streamline business processes and improve reporting in the Enterprise Support Marketing team. We did this by generating insights on field resourcing and requirements and utilizing the data to prioritize deployment efforts.

Value Provided

AG Consulting Partners supported our client’s ongoing transition in their Enterprise Support model, successfully tracking and deploying several products in the second half of the fiscal year. Establishing a dedicated resource for landing and deployment plans enabled consistency across cross-organizational product teams. AGCP’s effort to empower field sellers enabled our clients’ product changes to be distributed on a global scale. Finally, our close alignment with the PMO Director led to the consolidation of PMO tools, removing the need for complex logistics and driving cross-organization collaboration in a simplified tool.

Client Feedback

”AGCP is the “go to team” for creating effective change management plans in the Enterprise Support Offerings and Marketing teams.  AGCP has demonstrated ability to be a strong collaborator in testing the various process and technology improvements for our Support Program, where their feedback has been valuable to create a streamlined and effective data source for decision-making. AGCP is a good partner who approaches their work with a growth mindset, and I look forward to continuing our partnership on this Support journey.”