Global marketing campaign deployment for global SaaS company

The Problem

A Global SaaS company’s Global Marketing team is responsible for the planning and execution of multiple global marketing campaigns. As a rapidly growing company, ensuring global reach is vital to successful expansion and brand recognition. Executing global marketing campaigns requires tight alignment of key stakeholders, and as our client’s workload was continuously growing, they found themselves in need of a resource that would help them scale, increase efficiency and plan further in advance.

The Approach

AG Consulting Partners joined the Global Marketing team to establish a strong project management framework, enabling our client to be agile and successful in the deployment of global marketing campaigns. AGCP aligned team priorities, deadlines and communications to maximize effectiveness of our client team and external campaign vendors. Finally, to cultivate team cohesion and collaboration, AGCP took special effort to organize communication channels and plan team events to ensure consistent alignment in the team.

Value Provided

AG Consulting Partners drove project management for a lean global marketing team to generate content and deliver marketing campaigns on time. With a strong focus on key stakeholder needs, AGCP aligned across organizations to set expectations and plan for future deadlines without conflicts. . Finally, AGCP’s focus on effective stakeholder communication enabled a smooth relationship with external campaign vendors, enabling our client to deliver successful campaigns on time.

Client Feedback

“I brought AG Consulting Partners in with the specific request to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our team operations. We work on multiple simultaneous projects with global stakeholders who rely on us to deliver on our commitments in order to meet their objectives. Our AG project manager made a material difference to us both in terms of all-up project management, helped improve on-going stakeholder communication, and enabled us to get the best out of our external vendors who we partner with on campaign creation. AGCP has also helped us take a more future centric approach, with more forward planning and early warning to potential project breakdowns before they happen.”