Global SaaS company reimagines an operating model to scale with growth

The Problem

A global Software as a Service company struggled with establishing an operating model to support their global partner ecosystem. The existing model could not accommodate the increase in capacity required to support the company’s growth. To help enable this effort, the client urgently needed to develop and implement a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system to scale with the growth. AG Consulting Partners partnered with the client to drive the design of the Partner Relationship Management system, gathering input across the organization to ensure system requirements met the business needs.

The Approach

AG Consulting Partners developed a holistic business requirements document incorporating learnings from key stakeholders in each of the partner groups. Prioritization of portal requirements surfaced the most important functionalities for deployment. Finally, AGCP planned, designed and executed the PRM pilot, including a worldwide rollout plan to empower partners to access and drive marketing campaigns.

Value Provided

The alignment of the client’s business needs with the Partner Relationship Management system ultimately fostered a significant increase in communication among the client’s partner groups. AGCP’s hands-on involvement in execution of the pilot quickly identified opportunities to optimize the PRM system, resulting in a more robust global tool.

Client Feedback

“AGCP successfully captured key requirements across all partner groups. Their extensive knowledge in this field proved extremely valuable and enabled us to modify our approach and strategy. They always provided honest feedback and I look forward to working with them in the future.”